After 40 privileged and happy years,the NEO is winding up at the end of 2016.

We thank you for your interest in the project which has been successful across so many genres of music. For us ,it was important to close the work while it was still fully alive,and not wait,tempting as it is,until the leaves began to turn brown and maybe even fall off! Also,40 years seems an appropriate period for a Christian ministry, which is what this is. In the Bible, it is the case that the Almighty often designates that time limit on things which He institutes,- the reign of King David for instance.
We are desperately sad of course,but happy to know that,with all our hearts we have sought to be ' obedient to the Heavenly vision' ( Acts 26 v 19). Above all though, we thank God for His patient leading and unending grace throughout it all.’

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