Nigel Swinford

Nigel Swinford is the Artistic Director and Founder of the New English Orchestra.  He was born in the little Gloucestershire town of Tetbury and grew up with two abiding interests: music and Christianity.  He studied piano playing at the Royal Academy of Music, but whilst working at the Bach, Chopin and Prokofiev repertoire beloved of concert pianists, he retained a great enthusiasm for the delights of boogie and jazz.  This eclectic musical taste paid rich dividends later on when he became Head of Composition in a team at Salford College which forged the first honours degree in Band Musicianship in Europe. The course still thrives today at Salford University.  Nigel’s combined interest in music and Christianity continues to flourish in his BBC work, where he operates both as a musical director and as a presenter in Radio 4’s Daily Service.

Nigel Swinford - Artistic Director and Founder of the New English Orchestra

Nigel is chiefly known however for his work with the NEO as a composer, conductor, continuo player and visionary.  His particular objective has always been for the Orchestra to make a specifically Christian contribution to the world of the Arts and Music in the continent of Europe.



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