Charity Activities & Objectives

1. Activities and Objectives of the NEO

The advancement of the education of the public by promoting and staging artistic activities including (without limitation) performances of music, drama and/or dance; the advancement of the Christian faith and in particular (without limitation) its advancement through artistic activities: and such other charitable activities as may from time to time be determined by the Board.

The NEO is comprised of professional orchestral instrumentalists from the UK and Europe and searches continually for the most powerful forms of artistic expression. To this end it performs music in a variety of styles and delights in the virtuosity of outstanding players. It is adaptable in size from a small chamber ensemble to a big band or full symphony orchestra.
The NEO also has singers with an extensive repertoire ranging from choral classics to spiritual and contemporary works. A feature of their lively and enthusiastic style is the ability to communicate effectively with their audience. As well as singers NEO's dancers add a different dimension to some concerts with a wide-range of styles and innovative choreography.
The NEO's aim is to shed a specifically Christian light on a broad range of music. The company presents a wide range of concerts and also conducts Vigils/Recreatio's in churches and cathedrals.
2. Public Benefit Statement
a. The NEO seeks to provide at all times the widest opportunity for people to benefit by performing in many and varied locations in the UK and some parts of Europe.
b. Public benefit is not unreasonably restricted by the ability to pay any fees charged and people in poverty are not excluded from the opportunity to take advantage of NEO's activities. Entry to Vigils will continue to be free and other performances will be charged at affordable prices. In doing so, we only seek to cover our costs.
c. Production of innovative, artistic musical performances covering a broad range of music.
3. Where it Operates:
Throughout England & Wales
The NEO is always looking for new opportunities and has visited other countries in the past and is actively seeking to visit other parts of Europe.

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